Are you:

  1. A graduate of Marketing, Business Information Technology, Technical Drawing and Design, Physics, Law, Chemistry or Engineering related discipline with at least a second class upper (division) at bachelor degree level or a distinction at diploma level;
  2. Interested in joining a more challenging profession in Intellectual Property Services and Consultancy;
  3. Willing to read to up your skills and gain more qualifications in IP;
  4. Not scared of thinking; and
  5. A good listener with above average conceptual skills ?

We have internship opportunities for you. Send us your profile with you motivation letter for joining IP field as a technician or consultant. We shall endeavor to help you grow in this rewarding field and if you do well with us, who knows, we may absorb you.

Why join Thinkly IP?

Ultimately, the goal of Intellectual Property(IP) Law and IP Registration is to protect intellectual assets from misuse or theft, and to protect the owners of IP rights from financial loss and avoidable litigation. Our field also involves advising our clients who are planning to buy, sell or lease intellectual property rights to other parties. You will be exposed to a very challenging tasks and work environment. If you like challenges, adventure and career growth, hit the join button now!

WARNING! -If you don't like reading or prefer instructions as opposed to self direction, please don't apply.

In this competitive world, Creativity is not enough!