We offer customized Intellectual Property Services in Kenya to help you identify, document & protect your trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs. Everyday, your employees interact with other parties' intellectual properties and handle your own IP assets in one way or another. This implies that without deliberate plan and action, you are exposed to one or more IP related risks such as the risk infringing IP rights of others and the risk of facing legal action for infringing other parties' IP rights. Whether it be patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or know-how, it is critically important to identify it, document it, protect it and in some cases, register it.

Training and Development

Training and development or capacity building is an effective way of enhancing your staff's competence, confidence and motivation. We train your staff on basics and importance of intellectual property management as well as advanced IP management practices. Through staff training, you can increase the value of your IP assets, empower your staff to circumvent IP risks and inspire innovation. Look out for our scheduled webinars and possibly call us to organize for you tailor-made capacity building programs.

Agreements and Documentation

Our documentation services include preparation of IP transfer agreements, IP licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, arbitration agreement/clause as well terms and conditions for websites and mobile applications.


IP Audit

We carry out systematic review of your company’s IP assets, related risks and opportunities. IP audits can help assess, preserve, and enhance your IP assets; correct problems with you IP rights; make unused and unknown IP work for you; and identify risks where your company’s activities, products or services may infringe other parties' IP rights.

IP Policy & Procedures

The purpose of intellectual property policy  and procedures manual is to provide the necessary protections and incentives to encourage and motivate innovation and share of information for organization development. IP policy and procedures manual also serve to guide on how the organization's IP assets shall be handled all the way from creation to commercialization and where applicable guide you on how to go about IP transfer transactions. It answers questions such as what happens when an employee creates an IP asset and would wish to have a share of royalties from its use and or commercialization?