In the course of our business, you may end up on a negotiation table where your Intellectual Property is either the subject matter (e.g. in license engagement) or where your IP is part of the items to be negotiated (e.g. in a design contract or research partnership). Your need well researched and drafted agreements to protect your IP rights in the process. We offer documentation services (IP agreement drafting services) as follows:

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1. IP Transfer Agreement

When someone creates IP (could be a website, software, content, photographs etc.) for you or your business, he/she should sign an IP Assignment agreement to transfer ownership of IP. This sought of Agreement therefore facilitates the transfer of IP from one party to another. It’s very important not to be caught up in IP ownership disputes that would lead to either loss of money, loss of the IP rights or both.

2. IP Licensing Agreement

This agreement is used when one party (the licensee) wants to use another party’s (the licensor) IP without the IP being transferred to them. There are various types of licensing agreements e.g. Copyright license, Trademark license, patent license, trade secrets license etc. We will help you figure out which license you require and what should go into the license agreement.

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This agreement is commonly used when pitching ideas to other parties, during negotiations or when sharing information about your IP with any party. An NDA is required to stipulate that certain confidential information exchange between parties should be kept confidential and should not be used without permission at the advantage of either party. Do not let your ideas be stolen. Reach out to us for a comprehensive NDA.

4. Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture is a partnership between two or more persons by which they jointly undertake a transaction for mutual profit. Generally, each person contributes assets (IP assets being one of them) and share risks. Like a partnership, Joint ventures can involve any type of business transaction and the ‘persons’ involved can be individuals, groups of individuals, companies, or corporations. We assist you in drafting a Joint venture agreement that captures what IPRs are owned, who will own them, how they will be maintained and how they will be protected.

 5. Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is used to grant IP rights, for example, trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial design, utility models, of the franchisor (the one granting the license), to the franchisee (the one receiving the license) to provide goods or services under the franchisor’s brand. In return for this license, the franchisee will usually pay royalties to the franchisor. These agreements are very common. We help you to ensure your IP is protected from potential infringers.