Our Philosophy

We believe that if an individual through his labor and originality contributes to the society something of value to the society other than what he ought to have contributed as a moral obligation, then no one should deprive him of his right to be associated with his contribution and his right to enjoy the economic benefits derived from the value he has created.


Our Approach

We are a one stop shop for your IP needs for both individual and corporate entities. We train your staff on their IP rights and how to protect the corporate IP assets, we carry our IP audits to identify gaps and IP related risks, we carryout IP registration services including registration of patents, trademarks and geographical indications both locally and internationally, we do IP surveillance and on your behalf can get and instruct and advocate upon detection of infringement. We also carryout IP dispute resolution through mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

Our People

We have a pool of qualified and experienced IP professionals (consultants) to give you the best IP advisory. Our consultants are supported by dedicated technicians sufficiently trained and retrained to effectively deliver IP your expectations as our esteemed client.


Our Partners

We work with carefully selected partners who share same values as us and have the capacity to meet your IP needs.

"...Because its purpose is to create a customer, business has two—and only two functions: Marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs." Peter Drucker