Data Protection Compliance Services

Data protection compliance services help businesses protect themselves and their customers from data breaches, legal liability, and reputational damage.We offer data protection and compliance services in line with the Data Protection Act, 2019 and Data Protection Regulations 2021. Our aim is to empower organizations, businesses, and institutions to prevent costly data breaches and non-compliance risks that could arise from hefty fines imposed by regulators.

Data Protection Services

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Under the Data Protection Act, controllers and processors must perform a data protection impact assessment for any new high-risk personal data processing. At Thinkly IP, we provide a comprehensive service that assesses the data protection risks associated with new or existing personal data processing in your organization. Based on our assessment, we provide detailed recommendations on the appropriate measures to mitigate the risks.

Policy Drafting & Implementation

Developing a privacy policy is critical for effective privacy control in a business. However, establishing and executing one to ensure compliance with data protection rules can be difficult. A privacy policy directs the organization’s interactions with third-party entities and aids in ensuring staff adherence to data protection regulations. Thinkly IP can help you review, write, and implement your privacy policy.

Data Mapping Services

We evaluate organizations’ data processing and privacy practices to help them comply with the Data Protection Act, 2019. Our comprehensive assessment includes analyzing the data lifecycle, data sharing practices, third-party data processing agreements, and information security measures. This is to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage your data and avoid regulatory fines.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

Having a full-time DPO can be expensive and inconvenient, especially for small businesses. Thinkly IP provides organizations and institutions with the option of paying for periodic access to these services. We provide dedicated and certified data protection officers with industry experience. We will appoint you a specific DPO who will serve as your point of contact for all data protection compliance issues..

Data Processing Inventory Audit

Our experienced team provides organizations, businesses, and institutions with regular advice services to ensure compliance with data protection legislation. We use DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) to identify and remedy any weaknesses in line with the Data Protection Act and Regulations. Our mission is to assist enterprises in achieving and maintaining complete compliance with data protection legislation.

Training and Development

We tailor data protection training packages to meet the demands of your individual organization, knowing that management is more likely to comply with a practice that they understand well from a general conceptual and technical standpoint. In designing our workshops and seminars, we consider your budget and specific preferences with regards to venue, timing and availability of staff.