Are you in Audit Practice, Accounting Services or any other professional consultancy?

August 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered why large corporations globally fight tooth and nail over their trademarks patents and industrial designs? Is there something they know that we are yet appreciate? Recently, in March 2021, the US Olympic Committee (USOPC) sued Puma for trademark infringement, alleging the sportswear company had ‘declared war’ on Olympic trademarks. In June, Adidas sued US fashion designer, Thom Browne, for allegedly infringing the trademarks for its signature three stripe logo by using “confusing similar marks” on a sports apparel range. These are global examples.

In Kenya, the case of ABSA vs ABSA on trademark infringement is not yet lost in our minds and there are many more. What does this tell you as a professional firm that is keen on build a name? Consultancy is a service that depends largely on the identity and positioning of your brands. You firms name, logos, colors and any other brand symbols are your IP assets.  They can be legally protected as your Trademarks (not PATENT!). Even if you don’t mind, for whatever reason, if your IP rights are infringed, you risk being sued for infringing other parties’ IP rights unknowingly? So what can you do, when and how?

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