How long does the patent last? In most territories a patent lasts for 20 years from the application filing date, provided that the annual government renewal fees are paid. If the renewal fees are not paid at any time, the patent will lapse and third parties can use the invention without fear of infringement liability. An expired patent no longer affords the inventor or patent owner any protection. When the patent expires, the concept becomes available for any organization or individual to freely use, redesign, and market without the original patent owner's permission.

Often, renewal dates find patent holders off-guard then a panic mode sets in. We help out clients to monitor the renewal dates and send reminders way in advance for you to prepare for timely annuity payments. Our speed of action also helps in renewals where patent holders did not manage to prepare well in advance. We can save you late renewal surcharge and restoration fees.


Is your trademark about to expire? In many countries, Registered Trademarks are valid for a certain period of time - 10 years in Kenya. You can mandate us with your trademark renewal application. Our Trademark Renewal Service is designed help you comply with all steps necessary to renew your trademarks and avoid losing the right to the exclusive use of your marks.