for registration, renewal, enforcement and recordation of your

trademarks and patents in Kenya, choose Thinkly IP.

Why choose us?

Engaging our dedicated team of Intellectual Property Law and Service Experts ensures comprehensive protection for your brands and innovations. With a wealth of experience and up-to-date knowledge, we safeguard your intellectual assets from infringement, theft, and misuse. We provide personalized attention, prompt responses, and proactive measures to mitigate Intellectual Property risks. We specialize in:

  • Trademark Search & Application

  • Patent Search & Application

  • Brand Watch & Enforcement

  • Copyright Documentation & Registration

  • Recordation Services (ACA requirement)

  • Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

“Intellectual property is not just a legal tool; it’s a
strategic asset that can be leveraged to shape market dynamics, secure market position, and drive business growth.”

Tom Nyagare, Principal Consultant at Thinkly IP and Arbitrator

Brand watch and Protection

While registration of your intellectual property rights is a services provided by specific IP offices like KIPI, KECOBO and KEPHIS, enforcement of such rights is largely your responsibility. Use our Enforcement & Deterrence Services to fortify your intellectual property rights in Kenya. Our vigilant team swiftly identifies and neutralizes infringements, deterring potential violators and safeguarding your innovations and business identity. Ensure peace of mind with our proactive approach to protecting your most valuable IP assets.

What do you get from our dedicated team of Intellectual Property Law & Service Experts?

At Thinkly Intellectual Property, we deliver top-tier IP solutions tailored to your IP needs. Our expert team offers comprehensive services, including patent drafting, trademark registration, IP enforcement, IP portfolio management, Copyright documentation and filing and IP audit and consultancy. We are dedicated to protecting your innovations and inventions to maximize their value with personalized attention and strategic guidance.

Choose Thinkly IP as your trusted partner committed to your success within your business realm. We value partnerships and uphold excellence in client service. Whether you’re an inventor, startup, or corporation, let Thinkly IP help you achieve your business goals today and into the future.