Welcome to Thinkly IP!

We are your one stop shop for IP Services in Kenya.We partner with you in mitigating your IP risks such as  exposure to IP related legal suits against your enterprise, unfair competition and potential infringement of your IP rights. We specialize in:

          • IP Registration Services
          • IP Audits
          • IP surveillance
          • IP Dispute Resolution
          • Capacity building
          • Upon detection of infringement we work as your agent to identify an appropriate representation and prop your legal rep in preparation for the dispute resolution
          • IP negotiation (in instances of licenses, mergers, acquisitions or mediation)

Why your IP is important?

Your Intellectual Property (i.e. trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets) is your genuine business assets that are integral to the core services of your business and its overall long-term viability. Successful companies globally value their intellectual property above anything else and compete based on their legally protected intellectual assets.

Individuals and SMEs too can earn a lot out our their creations including music and arts copyrights and authorship. Entering into negotiation with an established corporation about a business idea without consulting an IP expert may cost you dearly. Have in mind that many people have money to do business but lack ideas and guess what! they don't mind stealing your ideas and legally owning them.

Effective competition involves a step beyond Creativity- register and enforce your IPR!