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Welcome to Thinkly IP, your trusted partner in safeguarding and maximizing the value of your intellectual property. Based in the vibrant heart of Kenya, we are your gateway to a world of innovative protection and compliance solutions. Our expert team specializes in the meticulous search, registration, and renewal of trademarks, patents, and copyrights. With a global reach, we extend our services to secure your intellectual assets in any country. At Thinkly IP, we don’t just protect your creations; we empower your success. Join us in the pursuit of intellectual excellence and data protection compliance. Elevate your IP strategy with Thinkly IP today.


Cultivating Innovation, Protecting Ideas:

Thinkly IP is committed to nurturing creativity while safeguarding intellectual property rights, delivering top-tier trademark, patent, copyright, and data protection services for clients worldwide.


Fostering a Culture of Innovation:

Thinkly IP’s vision is to foster a culture where creativity and innovation are cherished, with intellectual property at the heart of this transformative journey.


  • Trademark Filing, Renewal and Watch

  • Patent Drafting, Filing, Renewal and and Watch

  • Copyright Services (Documentation and registration)

  • Intellectual Property Management Consultancy

  • Data Protection Services including Privacy Documentation

  • Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution through Mediation and Arbitration.